2003 Photo Gallery Archive
2002 Photo Gallery Archive




 The Celtic Tavern - Open Mic Night - July 10th 2002



 1st Place

Greg Burch - 1st PlaceGreg Birch

Greg is a fairly regular performer on Open Mic nights but he told us that this was his first time to win one.  We thought he might be pulling our leg at first since he's such a powerful singer.  Either way he played three awesome originals and rocked the house with "Cancun", one of our favorites.  Way to go Greg!!!  


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 2nd Place

Dru TomlinDru Tomlin

Dru came down all the way from Duluth and treated us to his unique style and original music.  We truly enjoyed his set and his company.  Perhaps distance won't keep Dru from coming back to cash in that second place gift certificate.  Plus we're sure everyone would like to hear more and see him go for first place. 




Greg Birch

0710greg1.jpg (51179 bytes)

Greg Birch

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The "In" Crowd

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Dru Tomlin

0710dru.jpg (62332 bytes)

Jim Morton

0710jim.jpg (63977 bytes)

John Case

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Earthbound Angels

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Mike Jaglarz

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