2003 Photo Gallery Archive
2002 Photo Gallery Archive




 The Celtic Tavern - Open Mic Night - January 8th 2003



 1st Place

Bob Davis - 1st PlaceBob Davis

The first Open Mic Night of the New Year produced yet another first-time winner.  We've seen Bob hangin' around before and even heard, through the grapevine, that he was a player.  We finally got to see for ourselves and were quite impressed.  Bob played some old tunes that took us all back a few years.  We love to hear that old hippie music, especially when it's done so nicely.


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 2nd Place

Bert - 2nd PlaceBert

After a long absence from Open Mic Night and a long, adventurous journey, our old bud Bert returned to treat us to his own alternative brand of original music.  If variety is the spice of life, then Bert makes it a pretty tasty treat.  Now that he's 21, maybe we can buy him a few beers and teach him to play two new kinds of music, Country and Western.  Good job Bert, keep up the good work.




Greg Burch

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Jim Morton

0108jimm1.jpg (40994 bytes)

Jim Stottle

0108jims2.jpg (90583 bytes)

Jonathan and Tracie

0108jontracie.jpg (82285 bytes)


0108jontroywayne.jpg (60803 bytes)

Mike Barnwell

0108mikeb.jpg (48523 bytes)

Tony Morgan

0108tonym.jpg (37562 bytes)

Tracie Walker

0108traciew.jpg (91291 bytes)

Mike Jaglarz

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 New Year, Old Friends 

Greg and Cathy

0108folks1.jpg (91578 bytes)

Mike Edge

0108folks2.jpg (51871 bytes)

Miller, Joe and Ron

0108folks3.jpg (108731 bytes)

Empty Again?!?

0108folks4.jpg (52277 bytes)

Pam and Jim

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0108folks6.jpg (94492 bytes)

A Fine Pair

0108folks7.jpg (44494 bytes)

Shane and His Date

0108folks8.jpg (61269 bytes)

Susi & Kevin

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