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 Why we recommend Internet Explorer

Any time someone creates a standard way to do things somebody else comes along and invents exceptions to those standards.  Since the first HTML "standards" were adopted, Microsoft, Netscape and others have been in a battle to see who could modify those standards as a way of gaining an upper hand in the marketplace.  As a result, it has become very difficult to develop a web page that will appear the same in all browsers.  Developers are always having to jump through various hoops in order to get effective results and will typically design their web pages to conform more closely to one browser or another.

This web site is designed to work most efficiently with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and greater.  It can certainly be viewed using other browsers; however, certain compromises will be noticed due to the different standards that are being utilized by those browsers.  This behavior can be observed even with pages designed by Netscape.  For example, the Netscape Developers Page looks wonderful using Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look near as good using Netscape 4.76.  This is even a problem between different versions of the same browser.  A page that looks fine in Netscape 4.76 may not work using Netscape 6.0. These examples illustrate the nightmare faced everyday by developers and surfers alike.

We have done our best to create a web site that can be enjoyed using any browser, but there are compromises.  If you are not using Internet Explorer you may notice one of more of the following conditions:

  • Some small fonts do not always display properly.  They may appear to be extremely small and jumbled looking making them hard to read.

  • Some table borders and backgrounds are not properly displayed.  This may cause the page to run together and look dull.

  • Occasionally, paragraphs and images are not spaced consistently.  You may notice erratic spacing and misaligned text or images.

  • Visitor and Page View counters may not work or be displayed.  This site keeps track of how many visitors and pages are served; however, due to browser incompatibility this counter might not be displayed or incremented using Netscape browsers.

  • Animated GIF's can appear to move too quickly.  An animated GIF that is nice and smooth in Internet Explorer may be very fast and jerky using Netscape browsers.

We will continue to improve the compatibility of this web site as we discover issues and develop solutions.  If you notice any serious problems with the operation of this site please send us an e-mail describing your observations and the browser/version that you are using.  We will do our best to resolve any issues you may have.





 Download Internet Explorer

If you would like to view this site as it was intended, even if you don't use Windows, then perhaps you should take the time to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.  It could prove to be well worth your time.



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