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  Launches New Site

Conyers, GA - The partnership between Mike Edge and Russ Winters has produced another fantastic offering,  The new site was created in an effort to have a little fun and share our music community with others.  The immediate goal is to build an Internet resource that will provide information related to "Open Mic Nights" that we host and the art of performing music in a live forum.  In the future we hope to continue bringing new, useful content to enhance everyone's open mic experience.

Every week people come out to participate in Open Mic night.  To these people we wish to say thanks and honor each of them by posting photos of their performances on the site.  We also maintain a special section that features the winners of each week's contest.  For folks wishing to participate, we have the low-down on your hosts for the evening, specifics on upcoming events and answers to frequently asked questions.  With, performers and fans all have access to the latest and greatest information to help them make plans or simply reminisce.

Since many musicians perform on Open Mic nights to improve their art and it's presentation, the site includes some basic tips to help beginners perfect their performance.  Additionally, is an excellent starting point for musicians to find links related to creating and performing music.  The Internet is jammed with sites that may not contain a great deal of useful information.  As a result, searching for meaningful information can be time consuming and down-right frustrating. By constantly monitoring the Internet and locating helpful content, we are able to offer links to sites that are focused on the topics that are important to the amateur, performing musician.

We just want to give a little bit back, as they say, and learn something along the way.  However, there are no preset boundaries in terms of what this site may become.  Well, we don't figure we're gonna rule the world or anything like that, but who knows, in the future we may provide a musician's exchange, CD's, feature articles or even live web-casts of "Open Mic Night".  Who are we to say.









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